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Asked a question last year

Hello guys, I recently used fyers api version - 1 to create an app and followed the api docs to create a python code to access my holdings from terminal.But I am facing with - 401 error when async = False and <Future Pending> when async = true. I have added pictures of my code and the error, please help me !! I am not able to get any reply from the support team and there was not much vibrant community of fyers on stackoverflow as such, So you are my last hope !!

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Hi Sir,
Sorry for the trouble you faced and for so late reply.
Please note currently we have migrated to API V2.
You will not face such issue here if all step is followed as per the Documentation.
Also we provide sample code for Python and Postman collections too.
Please go through the docs and let us know if any further problem you face.
Happy Trading.