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Asked a question last year

Hello, Is there any Upper Limit to give collateral margin for the pledged shares ? I received an email that explains due to crossing upper limit , some shares are unpledged and credited back to my account. Now my question is if this is the process, then why don't you mention in your website regarding the same. I wrote to the customer care about the same, they replied we are also don't know the exact value of the particular upper limit and the Clearing member not able to give collateral margin against shares as Fyers is just Intermediary . Then how one can take overnight positions without knowing the available margin to him with this procedure? In your website you clearly mentioned that you will give collateral margin against holdings/mutual funds not the Clearing member. Initially Pledging shares and carrying overnight positions with that available collateral margin and mean while in the middle if you unpledge those shares quoting the reason of " limit crossed " then it will be very difficult to manage those overnight open positions.

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Hey @Keerthi Neeluru32,

There is an Upper limit to the quantity of the shares and not the margin. The limit for the shares differs from scrip to scrip. 

Hope this helps!

Hey, Have you raised a ticket in this regard? If yes, give me the number. We'll understand the context and reply to you properly. Tx!