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Asked a question last year

Hello Support Yesterday I traded bank nifty options and I put Bracket order and cover order both rejected in options. I buy option with normal market order. Then I tried to put stop order in my running order it also rejected and when I tried to put a limit order (in order to lock my running profit) order sold with market price. Now how can I lock my profit and is there any facility of trailing stop loss in order to lock my profit in running trade ?

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Hi @Chaitany patel31,

Kindly note that Bracket Order has been blocked for the Options segment, as a result of the Exchange mandating brokerages to disable the Stop Loss Market Order (SL-M) for the Options segment. Kindly refer to our Notice Board63 for better clarification. 

PS: We are looking for a workaround and shall be live with it soon. We have deliberately avoided Trailing SL for now. You will have trail it manually. 

Hope this addresses your query!