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Asked a question 10 months ago

Hello Team, While Placing Basket Order with Hedging and multiple leg strategy, other broker provide Margin requirement instantly, but Fyers lack in that. On top of it now, this page which earlier use to give full (indicative) margin requirement is no more giving such details. It is really laborious to find price, then apply percentage applicable. Keep life simple, give indicative margin

Moreover, this page Futures Lot size shows in decimal, does back office care to see before making page public, it is really annoying to fetch such basic details from other sources Have a look at this what is posted
No reply, no solution for over half a month, can you please elaborate Column Header meaning Margin/Lot here what information you are giving. Simple question is for a given expiry for a specific underlying, how much margin would be needed.

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Hi Sanghvi,

The margin requirement feature in basket order is being worked upon and we shall be live with it soon. 

We will report the error to our team and get it checked by our team with respect to the margin calculator.