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Arun Babu
Web Developer
Asked a question last year

Hey Hi Team, I am observing data discrepancy, for the latest completed candle. Is anyone else is having this issue? for this request: { 'symbol': 'NSE:DLF-EQ', 'resolution': '5', 'date_format': 0, 'range_from': '1631591100', 'range_to': '1631612100', 'cont_flag': 1 } data of the 1631612100 timestamp will be incorrect, please note that I am making this request after '1631612100' candle is finished, that is 1631612100 + 5 min. The issue is only for this latest finished candle. Does anyone know how to get the correct data?

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Hi Arun Sir, 
Sorry for the late reply,

During market time we provide tick data with the history API, So data can change during the resolution time frame. You can run the history API again with the same parameters and see you will get the latest correct data. For the second issue try giving the date format as 1 and date from and to as the current open market date and check if you are getting the required output.

Hope this helps,
Happy Trading.