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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hi Fyers support teamI have two problems while trading in fyers , you can take it as a feedback and try to implement asap. 1.daily settlement on future trade MTM , creates problem becoz it doesnt show the entry point on that script on position tab, I have to look on backoffice to know my entry price for that script for swing trade.but others broker like zerodha and upstox doesnt do like this they keep your entry point as avg price on position tab itself , it simplify the calculation of total profil/loss on that overnight trades solution may be for thisi. keep as simple as possible like zerodha n upstox keep avg price as entry price on position tab itself - they too do daily settlement but avg price shows entry point and profit/loss - from the day of entry.ii. or else as you are giving us tradingview platform experience bring that full experience here too. what i want to tell you that      put entry order arrow( small blue upward arrow) on the candle which i have entered, you are doing it only on intraday basis, but you should keep it until i exit that trade. like the way - in screenshot - find attached below - which i have put manual arrow notation 2. margin for 2- exit order for 1 postion in fyers are double which is not in the case of zerodha n upstox.  you can refer below link.. these are the two feedback i want to give .It does nt mean i dont like fyers , i like fyers trading platform very much, i have tried coming to fyers twice but i didnt find any improvement regarding this in span of 1 year. its too good on for intraday traders on fyers compare to other broker, but for swing and postional trader it doesnt look good becoz of this issues.

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