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Asked a question last year

Hi, i just opened an account with fyers. I wanted to take the 30 day challenge and start trading. But, i read just now that "Clients who have been given access to Trading API can take up the 30 Day Challenge. However, they will not be eligible to get a brokerage refund from us. We will continue to issue winners’ certificates and recognize their accomplishments going forward. When we introduced the challenge, our intent was to try and instill discipline among discretionary traders. Trading API is a feature that is most useful to enable semi-automated/programmatic trading. Since we offer our trading API for free and that it opens up an array of possibilities to win more consistently, we have decided against providing a brokerage refund to such clients." In my account it seems trading API is there. I want to enter the 30 day challenge and i don't want the API. Pl help me out, how to fix it..

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Hey @Radhika22,

It's possible. Kindly raise a ticket at support@fyers.in33 regarding this. Our team will look into it and help you out.