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Asked a question last year

How and when you become profitable? I am trading for about year now still losing, any suggestion?

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  1. Need to learn the market first, just few indicators and mainly chart/Price  reading...Learn and practice...( Don't depend much on indicators)
  2. Need to understand price patterns, 
  3. Trade with only hedging
  4. Position sizing is very much important, Deploy max 30% of your capital, Balance 70%  required for adjustments incase your trade go wrong
  5. Don't depend on others/Tips
  6. Emotion and conviction play major role
  7. If u r option buyer...stop immediately.. learn when to buy and when to sell options
  8. If future buyer/seller, don't forget to hedge your positions, FNO means future +Option.. must trade together as hedge.
  9. Wait for the perfect Entry/Exit, don't just jump-in, No position is also a position
  10. If trade goes wrong exit early...If profitable, keep trailing