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Asked a question last year

How can I place Bull Put Spread using Basket Order?

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Hi Pradeep, because you are looking at a Bull Put Spread, let us assume that you are looking to short Nifty 15700PE and long Nifty 15500PE.

To place a basket order, login in to FYERS Web and click on Basket Order tab that appears in on the horizontal pane at the top.

Once the Basket Order window opens, click on Create New Basket. Assign a name to the basket under the Basket Name. Then enter the underlying name in the search box, let us first take Nifty 15500PE. From the auto populated list, select the strike and the required expiry that are intending to trade. Then, in the order window, select Buy, input the necessary details (quantity, order type, price, etc.), and click on Add. Similarly, repeat the process for shorting the Nifty 15700PE.

Once both the desired option contracts have been added into the basket, check the details, if necessary. Finally, click on Place to place the basket order.