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Asked a question 21 days ago

How can the verified PNL help the traders?

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Verified P&L helps the traders in a way while selecting the right mentor. It will mainly benefit the new traders to differentiate between a genuine trader and a fake trader. It is very important that if you are following someone on the internet/Social media, you need to be sure they are good traders. Verified P&L will help the new traders, As you cannot edit or manipulate the data as the data comes out directly from the broker's back office. 

Fake social trading gurus who talk big and bluff their way to fame will be held accountable with verified pnl. Many youtubers and twitter influencers who are flexing their performance will soon get to know if i tis real or fake all along. 

Keep calm and trade on.

I think the verified P&L displays a trader's P&L with 100% accuracy because the information provided is by the broker's backend. This feature will also assist people in identifying trustworthy traders so that they may do business with them rather than frauds. If fyers could come up with this feature, that would be pretty awesome.