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Asked a question last year

how long does it take for an API app to get approved? when i rin the puthon code according to the documentation i get the following error {'code': 401, 'data': [], 'message': 'access is not granrted to this app'}

Adil Jawed
How long did it took for you. as i am not seeing any response .
Ayan Pal
Adil Jawed One working day
Adil Jawed
Thanks , Ayann
Adil Jawed
Are you taking Data feed from TrueData? or any other?
Ayan Pal
Adil Jawed Truedata, historical only
Adil Jawed
Thanks for letting me know, but how are you placing order if you are not taking the real time data
Ayan Pal
market orders only in equity

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Hi Sir,
Firstly sorry for trouble you faced and replying so lately.
Please note we have migrated to API V2.
The API V2 App is self approved you need to follow the login flow in order to get the App Status to Active. 
For more detailed idea you can refer this latest docs