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Asked a question last year

How the margin work? For example if I have 1 lot Long/Short position of Silver Mini open position, then placing target order it's again asking for 1 lot margin requirement? Why is it so? And what is the difference of Intraday/ CNC with Margin type of order? Its looks very confusing. In mobile there is Exit button from there i can add SL Limit/Target order but sometimes it shows the wrong margin. On other hand Web interface there I didn't see any Exit option to place SL Limit/Target order for current open position!!

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You need to look at different Order style as separate rooms, where the exit of one room cannot be from the other room. You need to be in the same place to exit !

Intraday or MIS - Intraday orders subject to be squared off at 3:15, use this if you want the positions to be squared off irrespective of profit or loss

CNC : These orders are best used for equities where you can also take benefit of margin funding

NRML: There are positions which will carry forward unless exited manually, use this for FNO trading like Futures, Options, Commodities


Regarding Target

For the Target square off, you can either be careful of rightly choosing the 'room' in which you entered or you may click square off and then set the limit order


How to Exit

Go to Positions  search for the orders filled and exit accordingly