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Asked a question 2 months ago

How to exit from open positions in FYERS 2.0?While clicking on EXIT ALL, the open positions are not closing automatically due to 1800 quantity limit.In FYERS 1.0 it was easy to exit in one click even I have 5000 quantity.

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Hey @Shobhit Trivedi7,

We understand your concern. This is in the pipeline. For the time being, you need to place an exit order below the freeze quantity. However, we have communicated this to the team, and we are looking into this.

Hi Shobhit, 

Exchange set per order maximum quantity Buy and Sell limit, Which is called as "Freeze quantity limit". If you want place or exit quantity more than the Freeze quantity limit you can use the Basket order. Also we are working on feature where in single order you will be able to place the order quantity more than freeze quantity. Hope this helps you.

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