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Asked a question 4 months ago

How to identify Head and Shoulders chart pattern in Intraday Trading?

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If you are Searching/Finding the head and shoulders patten in a chart, it might be a little tricky but it is worth your time. If you are able to capture the right pattern you can end up in making good profits!

How does the Head and Shoulder patten look?

Head and shoulders chart pattern
Head and shoulders chart pattern

To form a head and shoulder's pattern there must be these things:

  1. The Left shoulder/head 
  2. The head
  3. The Right Shoulder/head
  4. The Neck line

Note: That inverse head-and-shoulders patterns is also a patten then can form in the charts, they are just the reverse, with the head and shoulders forming downside instead of upside.

Zoom In and Out, as simple as that. And to make perfect entry, read and analyze.