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Asked a question 2 years ago

How to use webhook alerts in Tradingview with API Bridge? And do I need to disable the extension while using webhooks (Trading view has changed its UI, so the extension isn't working anymore and will take several days to be fixed as per Algoji Team).

Rabiosa M
Yes disable the extension! If it starts working then it will fire orders twice Even I am trying it for the first time tomorrow because of this issue ! Go to mycoder site there is a article on how to set up webhooks
Rashi Razdan ALGOJI TEAM

Please find below the link for Webhook setup for APIBridge.

Please note that you will have to disable the extension first from the chrome settings.

For any other queries or concerns, please write back to us.
Rashi Razdan ALGOJI TEAM
New TradingView extension has been released post Tradingview UI update. Go to Click on the latest v4.2.2 stable, a popup will appear and click Add to Chrome. No need to remove the previous version; it will auto-update.
Aditya Kumar
Rashi Razdan New extension not working too. Request you to fix it by 27th morning if possible.
Aditya Kumar - Are you still facing any issues with the New Extension?

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