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Asked a question 3 years ago

I am about to shift my day trading from Zerodha. Just wondering if anyone else also shifted for day trading? Kindly share your thoughts & experience.

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I have been with Zerodha for 8 Years from Account Opened... but due to frequent problems and as they don't need customers now... shifted my whole trading to Fyers 1 and half years ago. I am still happy with Fyers.

Only they(Fyers) are very slow in Customer Service and everything doing things , updating things... its high time they need to do things fast..


Like I am not able to trade from last two days as Fyers Promised to Repledge my Liquidbees and Provide Margin in 30 Mins but from last two days they are not even able to generate the Link for Pledging.. so I am sitting Idle without trading. Fyers need to learn from other pplayers like Zerodha /Angel about good things like they do these things Fast like in Angel they Provided Pledging in App and on Web .. option to do to clients...


Why Fyers cant do these such things Fast?

Fyers platform is quite stable. Tools are good for trailing, Price ladder is amazing ( but not Level 20 like Zerodha). Best part is 30 day challenge if you have modest capital, it is really income and confidence booster. Must Shift to FYERS

Shifted long ago from Zerodha. I knew if the same problem occurs again and again, it's not a glitch it's irresponsibility, and zerodha keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

welcome to the world of smooth experience



I have shifted my complete Option selling in fyers as drag and drop tool to modify order really helps.


Same here bro, as @dinesh kukreja47 said , Fyers much better platform plus the 30 day challenge benefit beats  others currently.