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Asked a question 5 months ago

I am an Intraday trader, is it necessary for me to trade everyday?

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No, it's not necessary to trade everyday.

Naresh Janagam
Full-time Learner & Part-time trader

Trade should depend on the trade setup and opportunity, so every day does not fall under the same setup, then no setup no trade.

Not at all. Whenever your back-tested pre-defined strategy allows you to trade, then only take a trade. Otherwise, just observe the market and sharpen your price action skills.


Number of positions and profit are inversely proportional. 

More positions you take, less profitable you will be (in fact more loss you will get) and less positions you trade, you have more chances of being profitable.

If you are an intraday trader, trade only few days in a month, that's it and have reasonable expectation of only 20% to Max. 25% on yearly basis.

All the best!