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Asked a question last year

I am unable to sell my holdings. I bought 266 units of "HAZOOR MULTI PROJECTS LTD." two days back. But now when i place sell order it is getting rejected immediately stating "MS:721121490701:BSE,EQUITY,532467,HAZOOR,CNC,,X,XB04199,S,266,C,23,SCRIP LIMIT INSUFFICIENT BY 266 AND AVAILABLE QTY IS 0". I tried all options like (CNC,limit,market etc) but nothing worked.

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Hi Banu,

As mentioned by @Mahesh Kumar Ambati16, the settlement of shares takes T+2 working days. Since you bought it on 10th December (Friday), Saturday & Sunday being trading holidays. It will get settled by today. 

You can sell those shares tomorrow. Let me know if you face any issues. 

Hope this addresses your query!

Settlement done? I mean is it T+2 today? or did you pledge those shares?

If today is T+2 then wait for today and sell tomorrow.