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Asked a question last year

I am unable to sell my holdings. I bought 266 units of "HAZOOR MULTI PROJECTS LTD." two days back. But now when i place sell order it is getting rejected immediately stating "MS:721121490701:BSE,EQUITY,532467,HAZOOR,CNC,,X,XB04199,S,266,C,23,SCRIP LIMIT INSUFFICIENT BY 266 AND AVAILABLE QTY IS 0". I tried all options like (CNC,limit,market etc) but nothing worked.

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Settlement done? I mean is it T+2 today? or did you pledge those shares?

If today is T+2 then wait for today and sell tomorrow.

Hi Banu,

As mentioned by @Mahesh Kumar Ambati12, the settlement of shares takes T+2 working days. Since you bought it on 10th December (Friday), Saturday & Sunday being trading holidays. It will get settled by today. 

You can sell those shares tomorrow. Let me know if you face any issues. 

Hope this addresses your query!