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Sagar T
Swing Trader
Asked a question 2 years ago

I'm a Swing trader. Want to take up Intraday. What are the best strategies for intraday trading?

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Vishal Mehta,CMTWIZARD
Founder -

Hey Sagar, You can think of the following strategies to put in your trading arsenal 

  1. Trading Options (Mainly Selling Straddle/Strangle) to benefit from theta decay( but do it with stop loss) www.marketscanner.in247
  2. I have discussed about Intraday Mean Reversion Short only Strategy which may interest you. www.marketscanner.in247 
  3. There is one called Intraday Trend Trading www.squareoff.in122 
  4. Look for Volume Breakout or Open Drive stocks 

In my view this are some of the best strategies.