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Asked a question last year

I've recently turned 18 but I do have past trading experience in f&o segment. Till now I was trading in my parents account, but now I want to open my personal trading account. But neither I have my itr nor i have past 6 months bank statement because I opened one recently only. Now what to do? Can I upload my parents latest itr or bank statement?

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Head Customer Onboarding and KYC

Hi Piyush, it's SEBI' mandatory requirement to acquire customer's 6 months bank statement, latest ITR or Salary Slips to verify customers credentials under PMLA Guidelines. It is to establish if the customer is eligible to take/ mitigate the risk engaged in FnO Trading. Even if customers provide 6 months bank statement without adequate fund balance and valued transactions, it may not be possible for a Stock Broker to enable FnO segment for that customer.