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Order Types
Asked a question 3 months ago

i want to sell nifty futures at market price with bracket order placing just 25 points as stop loss. Will i be able to place just 25 points stop loss in bracket order ?? Please help

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Philip Sunuwar
"Finance Enthusiast & Aspiring Trader"

Yes! You can place that order.

Hey @Vivek Aggarwal8,

Yes! You can place a bracket order of 25 points in Nifty futures. The minimum points to place a stop loss in bracket order for Nifty Futures are calculated as LTP * 0.01%.

Let's understand this with an example:

Assume Nifty Futures is trading at 18100. To know the cutoff to place stop loss for bracket order is calculated as 18100*0.01% = 1.81 is the minimum point to place a stop loss in a bracket order in Nifty futures. 

Therefore, you can place a stop loss of 25 points in bracket order.

Hope this clarifies!