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Asked a question 2 years ago

In Fyers Web, is there any provision to set Candle's color based on MACD cross over? Like, if Signal line is crossing "0" line then color of Candle sticks changes...

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Kaushal Mp
Just another person learning the Game

Nope, I dont think so there is. The ways you can change the colour of the candle is based on the previous candle closing price or the colour you set by yourself.  

Shashi in FYERS Web , we don't have this option.  May be if you want to do that then in that case u have create your own code....

Fyers Web uses tradingview charts. You can view charts directly from tradingview.com54 and signup for free subscription. You will get real-time data and also option to customize charts through pinescript. It works just like Amibroker.