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Pooja Gupta
Short term investor
Asked a question 2 months ago

Is a crypto investment better than a stock investment?

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No, crypto are very risky and they are too volatile

I do day trading and work in the night. Hahah

I am not sure about the crypto markets though so can't comment on it

Invest in stock as they have a upper band and a lower band!

Crypto is also good, but you should be very carful while you invest in crypto

I would suggest to invest in stocks. Here is the reasons why 

  1. Fundamentals - You know how the company where you have invested is performing or no.
  2. Volatility - You get to see upper band and lower band for stocks. Where as in crypto there is no band available. 
  3. Liquidity - the risk is higher for crypto owners.
  4. Trading cost - the brokerage cost is higher in crypto then stock investment. 
  5. Market timing - Crypto is open 24/7, where as in stocks, you have a dedicated time slots.