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Preetesh Ghatke
New to stock market.
Asked a question 3 months ago

Is Trading in commodities a good option for a secondary source of income?

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Trading in commodities is a great option for a secondary source of income. There are many advantages of trading in commodities.

  1. Unlike other asset classes, commodities usually have a low to negative correlation to traditional asset classes like bonds and stocks. So with a fall in value of bonds and stocks, it’s possible that there could be a rise in the value of commodities.
  2. Trading in commodities also leads to more diversification, which in return lowers the risk of loosing the capital.
  3.  If you want to know more about trading and investing in commodities you can click on the mentioned link.

Yes! Only if you know how the MCX market works. You can trade in MCX, I see a lot of people making good money out of it.

Trading is always a part of a good source of income if you have a particular skill set.

Aiming to be a successful trader

Yes trading is a very good option for a secondary source of income. If you are getting used to it then it can turn out to be your primary source of income too...