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Asked a question last year

My Account - Do you think PnL reports should include charges in My Account?

Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Hey Amit, You can view P&L report with and without charges. Just select "With Expense - YES from the available filters. Hope this helps.
Tejas Khoday , if the user needs help than its bad UI :(
Amit they call it flexibilty also , i was just thinking on the other button color which comes along with net amount column, anyways i am ok as long as they maintain what they have right now in stable manner. everything else if + only. I just switched to Fyers for tradingview charts .
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Amit We'll pre-select costs & show it. It's getting done.
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Saurabh Pandey There's a lot more to us than that :). You'll get to experience it as you continue your trading journey with us.
Siddhartha Kumaran
It is already included

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