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Asked a question 3 months ago

Reasons for transferring shares from fyers to Angel one are listed below. 1) Investment is not user-friendly. 2) No stock sip option is available; 3) No investment day loss is displayed Fyers is very good only for trading, not for investing, and I expected fyers to add new features in app 2.0, but the app is still not available for everyone, and it's only allowing people who are inviting new users for fyers, they aren't interested in adding features or fixing bugs, they are only interested in inviting and adding new customers.

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Hey Babu, 

This is not the kind of experience we want our patrons to have.

  1. We've worked on the investment-friendly UI and in our new app, we've introduced many features like screeners based on stocks, stock-specific news, quick Buy-Sell, and an extensive symbol detail screen.
  2. We'll definitely explore this feature. I w'll relay this info to the dev team. 
  3. In the FYERS App 2.0, we've introduced Day P/L on the portfolio as well as the scrip level. 

Why don't you register for early access here and will provide you access at the earliest -