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Asked a question 2 years ago

Say, I have executed short CO for SBIN 100 shares at 368.75 with SL of 370.25. Is it possible to execute partial booking with 50 shares, then 25 and rest 25 with FYERS Web? If I try to make partial out, it creates a new reverse order. Please help!

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You can create conditional orders with Fyers APIBridge and TradingView/Excel. As an example see

Say you want to place buy Cover Order. Place two alerts LE and LX, and apply signal rule not to execute LX if there is no Long Position.  Fyers web uses TradingView charts. You can setup alerts using free version of tradingview.com38

Hi Abhijit,

No, it is not possible to partially square-off a Cover order as there is a Leg 2 order of stop-loss, which is dependent on the entry-level order. Hence, you'll have to either place a normal intraday order and partially square-off like you wish to, or like @Aman Gupta31 said place multiple cover orders with smaller quantities.

Hope this helps!

Aman Gupta
Software Engineer || Positional Trader | Options Buyer

I guess, it is not possible in the case of CO/BO. Another way to manage this is to execute multiple orders with smaller number of quantities, say 4 CO with 25 quantity or 2 orders with 50 quantity each.