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Asked a question 4 months ago

@tejaskhoday, @yashaskhoday received a mail from fyers regarding 50:50 cash collateral margin rule, i have one question, can we use the whole collateral margin intraday without bringing 50% cash thanks

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Hi @Ajay Gupta7,

There have been a few changes in our internal policies pertaining to Cash to Collateral margins that will be in effect from today (10th October 2022). The cash-to-collateral margins have been increased to 50-50, wherein you must bring in cash margins of at least 50% of your total fund balance (i.e., Cash+Collateral) to hold your existing position/s or take new positions. For more details, kindly refer to this notice18.

Siddhartha Kumaran
More curious than the cat!

I also received the email and had the exact same question. Their support team said that margins are monitored on an intraday basis and thus, cash bargains should be brought in by the client to avoid penalty. SEBI has created new rules which are Pretty frustrating huh? But the justification by their support guy makes sense. If there are any losses, how can they recover if you don’t have any cash?

with new rule "no". collacteral margin released will be = cash available. SO toatal margin is sum of both