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Ikbal Valiyathodi
Option Seller
Asked a question 5 months ago

The minimum profit 30-day challenge is now Rs 3000. What is the minimum profit of ongoing challenges that started before 1st November 2022? 1000 or 3000 ?

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Hi @Ikbal Valiyathodi17,

If you have an ongoing 30-day challenge and the start date was before 1st November 2022, the minimum net profit considered is ₹1,000.

Hope this clarifies!

Yes. The minimum profit requirement for ongoing challenges before 01 Nov 2022 is the same as before and the brokerage refund is also as per old rules only. I too have an ongoing challenge from 19th October. 

Yes, the 30-day challenge policy has been changed. Now the minimum profit is 3000, and then the brokerage is based on the level. But if you have an ongoing challenge before 1st November 2022, then it sticks with the previous policy. That means you have a make a minimum profit of 1,000 rupees.

Let me explain to you the new changes in the policy.

If you have won the challenge once, then you are eligible for a brokerage refund of ₹1,000. Now lets assume you have won the challenge three times in a row. Then you will be eligible for a brokerage refund of rupees ₹3,000. The higher the level, the higher the refund. The last level you can reach is the tenth(Legend) level. So you will be eligible for a brokerage refund of ₹10,000. Here I feel, I am playing some game, and then i am leveling up my status. Now currently, I am in the Fifth level. Let's see if we can become a Legend in 2023.

Best of luck!