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What are price band hitters?

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Price band refers to the upper and lower limits within which the price of a scrip is allowed to trade on any given session. The upper band is the highest price at which the scrip can trade and the lower band is the lowest price at which the scrip can trade.

Talking from the perspective of equities, different scrips have different price bands. These bands are as mentioned below:

  • 2% price band
  • 5% price band
  • 10% price band
  • No price band for stocks on which derivatives are available (instead, to avoid trades at non-genuine prices, there is a fixed range of 10%)
  • 20% price band on all the remaining scrips

To find further details about this, click this NSE link here20

To download the Excel Sheet that shows the price band for each scrip, click this NSE link here19

Meanwhile, the daily lower band and upper band can be seen on the NSE Website within the price information window of each scrip, as shown in the below screenshots.

Reliance Industries
Reliance Industries