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Asked a question last year

What are some of the main macros to be considered while analyzing Nifty?

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Interst rates in economy

Current GDP & GDP growth

Currency strength

Current Taxations(GST)

Nowadays Pandemic :-)

Prabodhan chandane
Passionate about Financial Markets.

Main macros for analysing nifty are as follow:-

Main macros for analysing nifty are as follow:-


1.What is the sentiment of market because sentiment drives nifty almost everytime.

2. secondly i prefer to check what is the structure nifty 50 chart,also checking nifty high weightage stocks technical structure like R.Ind,infy,tcs,and hdfc.

3.whenever I'm in confusing mode usually i prefer to check PCR.

4.and last but not least I analyze the FII/FPI Activity.