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Preetesh Ghatke
New to stock market.
Asked a question 3 months ago

What are the biggest secrets to succeed in Intraday trading?

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When ever I do intraday trading I follow the below mention points. 

  1. Never plays against the trend.
  2. Always looks for the AD ratio, which will help in understanding the trend better.
  3. Never ignore Sector Trends.
  4. Never select illiquid stocks.
  5. Focus on the proper time frame.
  6. Lookout for price patterns.
  7. Trade with strict stop-loss. This will help you to limit your losses. 

If you want to know more about intraday trading click on the below mentioned link.


Money management plays an important role to succeed in intraday trading.

Always stick to the basic rule of correct entry and exit point...if you are consistently doing it then you will surely end up in profit...sometimes you may have to take a loss and you need to give portion of your profit as this is the wisest decision and fighting with the market will be disastrous.....The most important point is to never carry your previous day's emotion and trade.... for example if you make a profit of 10000 yesterday then you must not not trade with a mindset that today also you will take the same must convince yourself that whatever the market is giving today you should take that and walk away and similarly if you incurred a loss of 10k then please do not trade with a mindset that you will recover yesterday's loss amount today itself....

Just observation skill is enough… keep calm and Trade