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Tejas KhodayFYERS Team
Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Asked a question 3 months ago

What do you think of the Order & Trade notifications (Popups) on FYERS Web?

Akhilesh Raut
You should add order window direct in the watchlist as everytime we need to open chart and put order, it takes time to do execution.
Akhilesh Raut
We dont need that notification and beep sound after position is closed . You can note that too.
Hitesh Shah
They are useful but irritating when ALL the popups re appear upon refresh of the page
The problem is everything the page is loaded, they appear again !
I mean why don't you just open an account with zerodha and see how it works so seamlessly???
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Hitesh Shah Hmm yeah, that bit can be frustrating for those who have placed many orders. Hence, trying to collect more feedback before we make any permanent changes.
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Saurabh, We're reaching out to solve your issues. No comments about Zerodha. Our platform is optimized for a certain kind of users that prefer the TradingView interface.
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Akhilesh Raut You can disable it from the settings window. You can access this from the right-click menu.
Tejas Khoday Thats like closing the eyes and then inveting the wheel !
Why you just see how others work and then further refine it ? Rather than wasting time on simple things like notifications ?
I mean how difficult is to understand that any user will not want to see the notifications again on reloading the page ???
I clearly see that your tech team lacks common sense !!!
Raja Sekhar
First of all, I love the platform.

the notifications made a good impression on the platform

when the trade req accepted/executed/canceled at that particular placed time.
So we get confirmation of what's actually happening on the backend while I analyze the charts for intraday .

repeating the same notifications (10-20 in No) every time I refresh the trading tab in my browser actually doesnot help any trader in fact it distracts. so I ticked show rejected notifications only option in settings. I don't want to see those rejected order notifications every time I refresh the window...but it's okay as they max 2-3

Thanks for giving the privilege to the customer as u have given the options to choose thing is for sure those repeating notifications problem to b to be fixe...

and I have been waiting for GTT Orders & On Chart alerts for the last 1 and half years u amazed me with the new order window and I have info that those are in the testing phase so waiting for those best options from an amazing platform.

When gtt coming ??
Yogesh Gupta
Giving notification is usefull
Ayushi Pal
My first day of experience is worst one among all the trading apps. It was written I am not allowed to trade in Equity. I tried more than 5-6 times.
Rajesh Nagisetti
Kindly note that, usually trade notification coiming to somany times when we login 2nd or 3rd time. That's not required. Otherwise it's nice future. Thanks.
golu vora
Well i see you people are putting great effort. Well I will give my time and will give fruitful feedback. Let's first match the batchmark already established in market like Zerodha. Then we can improve based upon that. I am using your system since last 4 months heavily from trading to MF to pledge to API. I see there is plenty of improvement in all area. Connect with me and i will give you feedback.
Prem Katar
They are useful, we can know that whether our order executed successfully or not, and if rejected then we take action accordingly, the only thing is when we are relogin the web or refreshing the web page then it popping all the orders for the day, and that is very irritating actually, bcz sometimes if try to punch any other order or use any tool then web page getting stuck or misbehaving due to number of orders, so should work on that and it shouldn't popping after relogin or refreshing the page.
Siddesh Patil
Notification are required because due to notification we understand trade is executed or not.
Rohit Dutta
Bracket order should be available for is very hard to exit at your desired level
sriharsha kasukurthi
at least on reload of webapage you dont need to show all the orders as popup, it will block entire left side pan and to close them individually time taking. for the most recent order notifications at least make sense. instead of showing all.
Suhas Deshmukh
Ayushi Pal Hey same thing happen to me you need to call customer care and get it activated from backend.

It will take 2-3 hours to activate.

Also inform customers care to activate all segments.
Atish Rajasekharan
Tejas Khoday The notifications are just fine for users who trade less, but for aggressive traders, and for that matter, jobbers and scalpers, it is tough to see the notifications on every refresh. As rightly mentioned by Saurabh, there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others and implementing it the way you guys want.Β 

One thing is for sure; please do something about showing/handling the notifications.
Sagar Sathe
One's I bought Tata motor dvr in large quantity.
Obviously the order got devided in multiple partial orders.when fully executed it was showing 30 different buy orders executed. It was very confusing. In upstox it shows only one buying order with average price, that is very convenient.
Ayushi Pal
Suhas Deshmukh thankyou so much sir
There must be an option to disable these
Suhas Deshmukh
Tejas Khoday

Hi Team,
There are few areas in which you need to improve.

1) UI:-
Sometimes chart doesn't load properly we have to take support of trading view chart to get live candle data.

The chart needs to be updated every sec.

2) Whenever we reload the chart the previously executed order pop-up comes all time.

Please stop showing previously executed orders whenever chart is reloaded.

3) Bank Nifty / Nifty 50:-

Why we are not able to place Stoploss in the same order and target in same order.

Please check how Zerodha provides this facility. It is called GTT.

4) BN/ Nifty 50 Sell order margin:-

Why we need additional margin for selling same option BN call.

To set stop loss requires additional margin.

5) BN/Nifty 50:-

If we buy BN call of 300 Qty at market price then Why there are multiple trades executed under one position?

No trades are many.

Arul Chellappa
Immediate notifications are good but a series of irritatiing pop ups gush when we login again..please avoid delayed popups
Naresh Janagam
Actually it's usual feature, however I feel it's not well optimized, it keeps notifying (repeatedly) every time we refresh the screen so that it gives irritation feeling instead of usefulness.
If it's provided an option to turn off the pop-up notifications, people who feel it's usual feature can utilize the advantage, and those who don't want can turn off it.
Thank you.
Vijayakumar S
There is no use of completely rolling all the popup notifications. Not able to understand why we need this feature? or give some user option to enable/disable it
This paltform has frequent login issue
Amit Bhardwaj
Why we get issue in order placement after 3 pm. Specially in nifty Or banknifty. Every time the order get cancelled and a notification like contact administrator comes. This is irritating. Sometimes I have missed big moves just because of this.
Hitesh Shah
Tejas Khoday Thanks for noting the same! Also the popups block the buy and sell buttons on the upper left hand on the chart and even that is a hindrance to placing orders after refresh! Hope it gets rectified :)
mafia 33
This platform has frequent login issue both on app and website,
Sometimes chart doesn't load,
Limit order doesn't work on app,
App is laggy , slow, not smooth.
Tarun Holkar
immediate notifications is cool but showing again and again after refreshing is so iritating
Amit Bajaj
the notification of left is a design flaw, it should be on right. Second exit option with order screen must be provided .
Tamizh Traders Official
1. Notification text should be bigger.
2. Unnecessary information like order ID not needed. One can go to orders tab to see order ID. Instrument name and price and rejection reason, if any, is necessary.
Anurag Singh
They are useful but for one time only it appears every time when we login in web terminal that is not good
Sonali Sham Deshmukh
The main reason is they hide the candle stick chart.they are very wide .and if there are five six notification.all of them pop everytime there's new notification and hides the chart .

I can suggest one idea instead of text notification why don't you develop a voice notification .it won't be repeated

noone will have any problem.
Deena Nath
Order notifications showing every time after open or refresh new portal..requires programming to developer team with suggestion from customer user experience.
Srinivas U
GTT order still missing . Why not tied with smallcase ?
saravanan A
Basket order margin calculation missing
A pop-up only once after order placement, execution or modification is required, but the pop-ups on re-login or page refresh or when fyers hangs-up is very irritating.
ankit ladha
GuruPrasad Same here
Pop ups get irritated everytime we refresh. At the time of order execution is fine.
Kindly provide circuit limits in order screen .
Muni Ramohan
Notifications in web is irritating and hiding menu in bottom. We have to wait till it vanished to click on things
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Hi, Arnav's Our team is working on GTT. We shall be live with it soon.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
saravanan A Hi, Our team is working on the margin calculator in the basket order. We shall be live with it soon.
Muni Ramohan
Muni Ramohan and thanks for taking feedback. Web as such interface is good
Santanu Das
It would be better to introduce drag and set TP/SL after the order is placed just like main TradingView window. It would be a great help to the retail traders community like us.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Santanu Das Hi, Your feedback is duly noted. Thanks!
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Srinivas U Hi, Our team is working on GTT. We shall be live with it soon. Regarding smallcase, we cannot comment on this as of now. However, we do have our own investment platform where you can pick from various industry-related themes.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Tamizh Traders Official Hi, Your feedback is duly noted. Thanks!
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Amit Bajaj Hi Amit, Your feedback is duly noted. Thanks!
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
mafia 33 Hi, That's concerning to hear. Kindly share your concern with a screenshot at If already done, kindly mention the ticket ID here. We'll look into it and get back to you on priority.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Amit Bhardwaj Hi, That's concerning to hear. Kindly share your concern with a screenshot at If already done, kindly mention the ticket ID here. We'll look into it and get back to you on priority.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Shyamsingh Hi, Your feedback is duly noted. Thanks!
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Ayushi Pal Hi, That's concerning to hear. Kindly share your concern with a screenshot at If already done, kindly mention the ticket ID here. We'll look into it and get back to you on priority.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
golu vora Hi, we are always focused on improving our platforms consistently. So kindly give us your feedback at We'll look into it.
Shruthi Shetty FYERS TEAM
Rohit Dutta Hi, Your feedback is duly noted. Thanks!
Phani Bharadwaj
As in Trading View if Timer is added to Price column it would be great, because each minute is important in making decision always for timing we have check other platform. Sometime if we are checking 10 Mins Candle we have to have one more window with 1 Min Candle and count to see when 10 Min candle closes. Taking position is based on timing. See if you can incorporate that.
Abhinav singh
when I reopen the page I get bombarded with those previous filled order's notification. It's irritating.
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Abhinav singh We've removed it for the most active traders. In a week or so it'll be removed for all users. Stay tuned.
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Akhilesh Raut Noted. You can disable that from Settings right away.
Sumit Mishra
Very useful

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