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Asked a question 5 months ago

What gift can I give my family and friends this Diwali that will make them memorable & Unique?🤔 Please share your suggestions, traders❗

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Gifting shares would be great idea as it is something unique and it has potential to grow in the future. 

Modern life, modern solution. Not sure about the receiver's interest. It may be that they love music, reading books, traveling, and so on... Gifts are something that will make them feel special and also remember you every time they see that. I would suggest you gift some shares under the defensive category, make a set or check out the thematic investment by fyers. There are a lot of baskets available. You can create your own and make a basket and gift it to them. If the stocks grow in the long run, this will make them remember you as they are making profits out of it, and they will tell their family and friends that this was the best gift I have ever received!

Naresh Janagam
Full-time Learner & Part-time trader

Instead of giving physical gifts, I would suggest GIFTing something that will give benefit in the future also like Gifting Equity shares or any financial related.

Before Gifting stocks we need proper analysis (learn here13) which can give promising returns in the future. Then only that gift will have value (but still, it's risky)

Another safe option is investing in ETFs, like Niftybees, and Bankbees. (moderate risk)

Safest alternative is, Gold ETF or Gold Bonds (less risk)