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Tejas KhodayFYERS Team
Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Asked a question last year

What kind of an OPTIONS trader are you?

Good Evening Tejas, is the Basket approaching faster and nearer? :)
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Hey Geetha Krishna, I'ts under development. Working on the front-end, will be launched on both Web & App soon. Stay tuned.
Sumeet Kumar Roy
Good evening Tejas.... Fyers is the best brokerage I have found for option Buying, but at some time it lags in the chart. There is the conflict between price and the chart movement. One of the screenshot I am attaching hereby. Please solve it ASAP.
Jyothish R
Hi, is there any chance to include CPR in fyers indicators?
r nagarajan
Provide us basket order for option strategy or put vedios how to make order for option strategy like straddle and strangle

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