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Asked a question 3 months ago

What qualities are required to become successful in the stock market?

Niteesh Rachamadugu
Discipline and Acceptance of wrong trades quickly
If market break 35050 it will go upto 34950

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No qualities required !

  •  You need one trading setup with more than 60 percent sucess rate 
  • Consistency
  • Risk management 
  • Position sizing 
  • Good psychologycal approach
  • Done


Naresh Janagam
Full-time Learner & Part-time trader
  • Ready for continuous learning (market teaches new lessons always)
  • Willing to Accept the mistakes (Closing the position when SL hits)
  • Must have the patience to wait for the opportunity (shouldn't take the trade based on what we think, have to enter into a trade when it falls into our setup)
  • Following the risk & money management (knowing risk, how much you are willing to lose for that particular trade) 
  • Having the proper setup (Strategy or Analysis)
  • Focusing on Monthly/Yearly ROI rather Daily


Keep calm and trade on.

Patience and Discipline in trading should be there to become successful in the stock market.

Patience, Fully backtested strategy and Risk Management without emotions.

Basically need to follow these steps 

  1. Trust on the setup
  2. Risk management
  3. Patience
  4. No over trading