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Asked a question 11 months ago

What's about Fyers Nominee? Their is no article about that what's is your Nominee policy ? #In zerodha Nominee policy they have proper article about their Nominee and what they will do such as:- #The nominee in your Demat account will be alerted if there is prolonged inactivity in your account. Suppose the account is not used for more than 365 days. In that case, regulations stipulate that the account is to be marked dormant to avoid fraudulent account usage. A re-KYC activity is to be undertaken to continue using the account. Suppose the re-KYC activity is not done within 30 days by the account holder, Zerodha will trigger an alert to the nominee. Will Fyers do the same? if not plzz update a article on the topic of Nominee

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Hi Sagar,

You will be required to resubmit your KYC details in case your account is inactive for a period of more than 1 year. 

As of now, the trigger alert feature to the nominee is not available. Our team is working on it though and we shall be live with it soon. 

Hope this addresses your query!