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Asked a question 3 months ago

what to do after after subscri bing and installing and logging into API BRIDGE,Suggest me to webinars and youtube videos to proceed.

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Please refer to the useful link to get an understanding of how to start with Algo Trading.

Step 1. To understand how APIBridge™ work please check the link:

Step 2. Please follow the given link to full fill the requirements.

1. Register APIBridge™ For Free And Install:

2. Creating Symbol List in APIBridge™:

3. Integrate APIBridge™ with a free TradingView Account:

4. Deploying your first TradingView strategy and automate it with APIBridge™:

5. Installing APIBridge™ and integrate with AmiBroker:

6. Integrateing APIBridge™ with MS Excel:

7. Integrating MT4 with APIBridge™:"