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Pivotal Traders
Blackline Trader
Asked a question last year

When will the NEST platform be available? Recently there has been a lot of Glitches in Fyers Trading terminals, we need Robust system like NEST !

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Hey @Pivotal Traders11, The company that owns NEST (London Stock Exchange Group) has recently announced that they're going to shut down the business. As a result, we have pulled back from offering NEST trader to our clients. However, we have a Plan B. In the background, we've been working on launching a platform that will give you a similar experience as NEST, except much better in some ways. 

W.r.t your comment about glitches, our platforms have far fewer glitches than all other platforms out there. Yes, there is a lot of scope to improve as always, but it isn't appropriate to assume that our platform isn't robust. It is. Also, if and when glitches do occur, it gets resolved very quickly at FYERS. We're constantly working to make things better for our clients. 

Stay tuned, we will launch an exe platform similar to NEST very soon.