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Preetesh Ghatke
New to stock market.
Asked a question last year

Where would you rather invest in Crypto or Stocks? Why?

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Stocks because as per the notice from Govt of India tax of 30% is been charged form the Profit we make in crypto. That is the main reason I would invest in Stocks rather then Crypto.

Both are great places to trade. Just do your homework properly, take entries with low corpus, try to learn more with less, and start to invest more when you feel you have learned enough.

When it comes to investment, I prefer something where I can avail maximum returns within a specific time frame and with minimum risks involved. Currently Crypto is new and very volatile,  also lot of  regulatory risks are involved, so once this space gets more matured, then accordingly I will think to invest in this space. Till then I would like to stay invested in stocks.

You can invest in both at the same time. But you may want to invest in each one for different purposes. It's important to do your research before diving in. Don't just pick stocks without knowing their financials, and don't choose one digital coin over another because it's in trending. The choice is your because you are going to make profit or loss...

It Depends on the investor. I would invest in stocks because we can know the fundamentals of the company and invest my hard earned money. Where as in Crypto it is totally risky there is no circuit limit where as in stocks we know the limit that if the stocks fall it will fall till a certain level for that particular day and then if the limit is reached the exchange will stop the trading for the day for that stock. So I would rather invest in stocks rather than invest in Crypto.

In Crypto we can trade 24/7 and stocks we have timing.