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Asked a question 4 months ago

Which are the top 5 most accurate "Intraday Trading Indicators" used for stocks and options?

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1. CPR indicator

2. Pivot points indicator

3. Super trend indicator

4. RSI

5. MA

According to me,

Nothing is much accurate as the uncertainties are always there in the Market. But still if I have to answer, I will say the below 5 Trading Indicators which I mostly use:


  1. 44 MA - To identify the Trend in the market.
  2. RSI - To identify what the Over-bought and over-sold (Mostly used in Equity Market).
  3. Golden Crossover - To buy Stock/Index Futures.
  4. VWAP - To identify the exact Entry & Exit Point.
  5. Last but not the least, Volume which I rather use every time with MACD.
  1. CPR - Central Pivot Range
  2. Moving Average 
  3. RSI
  4. Super trend
  5. Volume Indicator