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Asked a question last year

Which is the best platform for F&0 TRADING?

Nilotpal Maity
Fyers is obviously far better than Zerodha in terms of analysis and execution --- the biggest downside for Fyers is lag in price update. Many a times the price gets stuck unlike Zerodha. Continuous price update is very much important, especially when you are trying to close-save your loss.
This is the reason I have stopped F&O trading on Fyers - I only do analysis part and execute trade on Zerodha.
Hopefully Fyers will correct the issue soon and I'll trade from Fyers again.
Monkey Singh
I agree with Nilotpal. Going by the first impression of the question, given how maddeningly fast F&O segment is; we need a platform that gives quick updates and is faster in SELECTING an order to be executed.
A better answer to the above question would be - the trading web interface of Zerodha with the business ethics of Fyers would be best for FnO trading. Zerodha puts one million restrictions such as not letting you buy far away strikes, among other things.
Sid Work
Nilotpal Maity Yes I feel the same. Option chain is very good. it lags in price updation and also when I place Market order the execution is delayed by 1 sec. If One want to trade the momentum than Zerodha is best for the momentum trading Or Scalping .. It is hard to get the desired price in option trading.... It also happens with even one Lot.
Fyers team should do something about this Problem.

Sid Work
Monkey Singh The only reason why I wanna trade with the fyers terminal because it is also easy to select and trade with the option chian or Else I'd also like the terminal of Edelweiss TX3 terminal
Pradeep M
Sid Work I follow one YouTube channel there also it was discussed fyers sometimes hang..
Gyan Sahu
Does the order placing issue due to NSE etc happen offen in Fyers?
Luckily I escaped, else would have faced huge losses. I was not able to place order several number of times.
Earlier i used Tradesmart, it was lagfree and never faced any error. But didn't like it's charts that much. Fyers charts are better.
Vinita bhargava
I am still not able to login to fyers one very very bad lost a lot
Monkey Singh
Agree. Also the call and trade lines are just getting disconnected after the automated welcome message.
What about today's loss and many more due to error. Most good traders only trade large size in zerodha only mainly because it is not good as fyers I guess :)
Rajveer Sharma
I would like to add another broker to the list, Finvasia, absolute zero brokerage, good platform like zerodha, quick support, my 5*** to Finvasia
Thangadurai Vijayapandi
Fyers reaching option chain itself hunting a treasure.... only good thing is 100% collateral use
Stock Trader
Nilotpal Maity And this is why it is better to keep tradingview subscription. That terminal never seems to lag at all, and has data of every exchnage available in the world.

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