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Asked a question 6 months ago

Which is the best time frame used by Intraday traders?

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I usually use 15 mins time frame for intraday. However, it depends on the market.

Intraday TF is depend on your analysis. For best results use 5min TF for execution or you can use 3min also. And for analysis you can go with 15min and 1HR TF... Index and stocks both can be traded on this with MTF analysis.

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5 minutes is the gold standard for historical reference. 1 minute is the gold standard for managing trades intraday. 

Usually 15min is the best TF to used in intraday

It completely depends on weather you are Buying or selling the Scrip/Strikes. And the type of trader you are.

Market open hone pr 1 hour 5 mint and uske bad 15 mint.

One-minute time frame is the best for intraday trades, but you must master the technicals by heart.

It Depends on  index or stock . 15 max  3 min


I personally like to use 3 minutes time frame, not because it is used by many. 3 minutes time frame helps me use the price action pattern better and even earlier than 5 or 15 mins candles. I agree even patterns on 5 and 15 mins are very important, but as a day trader, I will not have that much time to wait. I need to enter a trade as soon as possible and exit it accordingly. 15 candles I use to understand the importance of support and resistance for a longer time. So it is on you, where you feel comfortable trading with and stick along..

3 mins and 5 mins. 15 mins also you can use!