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Asked a question last year

Why is the price and candles on charts in Fyers Platform different than that of TradingView? I was just planning a trade and I noticed it. There shouldn't be a difference as both the basically TradingView only.

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 Your  observation is correct. please refresh the chart. 

Hey @Omkar Nandode13, TradingView is the charting library. The data is handled seperately by us. We source data from NSE in realtime and what you see on the chart are the prices we have received from the exchange. We receive thousands of data packets every second and this is then distributed to all logged in users instantly. Sometimes, there may be discrepancies because the data packets aren't sent uniformly by the exchange. For more information, read this post40

We correct any mismatches by the end of the day if and when they do occur. 


Hey @Omkar Nandode38,

Could you try hard refreshing the page, i.e., CTRL + SHIFT + R? It shall get updated. We're working on this and soon you shall not be facing this difference. 

We regret the inconvenience caused to you!