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Anurag Kumar
Options Trader
Asked a question 2 years ago

Will you buy today if Market opens with huge gap down.

Subhash Chandra Ghosh
Why should I Buy? There are 3 types of gaps and traders are aware of that. 1) Break away gap. It happens after completion of a trend, indicates trend reversal and with a gap down means, the trend reversed from up to down. I Will not buy it. 2) Common gap- It occurs in between a running trend indicates sudden buying or selling pressure, 3) Exhaustion gap-Indicates the momentum exhausted of the trend with a last spike. During the opening it is hard to determine, it is breakaway or, exhaustion. So, I won't.
Moreover, there is a saying-" Bull goes through the stairs and Bear jumps through the window!!"

I had a good impression on FYERS and opened my demat account with Fyers and started trading.
This is my trading experience with Fyers on APRIL 29th 2021.

I was trading BANK NIFTY on APRIL MONTH END EXPIRY. Placed total 7 lots BUY order BANKNIFTY 33500 PE.

And I was seeing good profit around 10:00 or 10:09 am and tried to exit all my positions but the brokers did not all exited my positions.

They exited only one lot and remaining they kept like that only and finally they exited at 3:01 pm from their side and i got complete loss with my capital.

I was called customer care why my positions are not exiting they said, Sir there are no positions running all are closed. But according to my trading report those positions closed at 3:01 pm. Now i lost total my money.

Please DON'T trust FYERS. Be Cautious. Now NO proper response from FYERS.

Kindly watch the below video for your reference. I had recorded while trading and suddenly they did like this

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