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Asked a question 2 years ago

Would you prefer ChartIQ+TradingView or only TradingView in Fyers Web?

Vipul Pandey # My friend, World is yours
Please add chartIQ... It's easy to use in phone

TradingView is good for desktop/laptop
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Vipul Pandey # My friend, World is yours What else do you like about ChartIQ?
Aditya Phadke
Chart IQ has advance charts like Stockasticks Momentum Index and Price Momentum Oscillator which helped me making lots of profitable trades It helps in discovering the Entry and Exit points on a chart
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team
Aditya Phadke Well, Every platform has some pros and cons. TradingView has many more indicators that aren't available on ChartIQ. If there are compelling reasons, we can consider it. Currently, it doesn't make sense considering our product roadmap.
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