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30 Day Challenge
30 Day Challenge

FYERS 30 Day Challenge helps traders develop trading discipline to remain consistently profitable. 
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FYERS 30 Day Challenge – Your Gateway To Free Trading!

We've been figuring out how to incentivize the active trading community in India in the best possible ways. As you all know by now, we believe in continuously interacting with our customers and delivering features based on popular demand. We... (More)

I have started 30 days challenge from today and lets hope that I win 😁

Let me tell you all that I have started the challenge with a limited amount of 1,800 rupees. If say I win this challenge, My Initial target will be 5,000 rupees!

I will share my P&L here every day. If... (More)

Originally answered to "In 30 day challenge realised profit is calculated or unrealised profit is calculated?"

Hi @Gangaprasad2,

The Realized profits for the positions taken during the 30 days challenge is calculated. 

Hope this clarifies!

Full time Trader and Mentor...

i have started 30 days challenge in fyers to develop my discipline and make profit habit ...lets hope for the best for upcoming 30 days...

30 days challenge: to be honest it's a valuable initiative was taken by fyers to develop profit-earning skills and develop discipline is very much necessary for a full-time trader to earn profit every day and follow your rules and... (More)