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Algo Trading
Algo Trading
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No, they can't. All trades have to be routed through brokerages. For more information, read this post12 on NSE's website. Why? Brokers are a key layer between exchanges and traders. They exist to offer technology, back-end support, settlements, manage complex... (More)

Algo Trading

Can I create an algo for exiting all of my positions by checking MTM ?

This is for exiting option selling setups. For example , I need to exit all legs  when my MTM shows 2000 INR loss, or 3000 INR Profit. Is it possible to implment ?


Introducing MY API

I'm excited to announce that this year, we've taken a quantum leap by introducing our new & enhanced version, My API. The inception of our Trading API in late 2019 was a game-changer for retail traders because it empowered... (More)