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With our awareness initiative, we aim to increase the knowledge about trading, investing & the financial markets ecosystem in India. Let's make a difference!

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Introducing Corporate Actions On Charts

We’re happy to announce that we’re the first brokerage in India to have introduced corporate actions on charts on all equity & futures near-month scrips on NSE as recently implemented and announced on the Notice Board. Corporate action adjusted... (More)

How Time & Sales (T&S) Is Useful For Traders

Time and sales (T&S) is a real-time filter and mostly useful for serious day traders and jobbers who want to observe significant trades to prioritize those price levels and trade accordingly in the market. We are privileged to announce that... (More)

Introducing RSI and Basic Trading Strategies using RSI

We recently conducted a webinar on the basics of RSI. The recording of that webinar has now been uploaded on our YouTube channel. In the webinar, we have covered the following aspects of RSI:

  • What is the RSI indicator?
  • How... (More)