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With our awareness initiative, we aim to increase the knowledge about trading, investing & the financial markets ecosystem in India. Let's make a difference!

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Introducing New Order Window On Fyers Web!

We’re happy to introduce our brand new order window on FYERS web-based on the valuable feedback of our customers! We’ve incorporated many of the suggestions that we received from the community. Placing orders is now much faster and effortless.

What's... (More)

30 Day Challenge – New Badge Of Honours

Since the inception of the FYERS 30 Day Challenge, thousands of traders have attempted it and overtime we’ve witnessed its positive impact on the performance and the approach to trading itself. Earlier this year, we introduced Badge Of Honours to... (More)

FYERS Policies On Physical Settlement

Our regulator, SEBI has implemented physical settlements of stock derivatives in line with the recommendations made by the L.C Gupta committee. For more information on this, please read the circular issued by them on 11th April 2018. Subsequently, NSE... (More)

Introducing Single Margin Account

Amidst finding the cure for the pandemic of COVID 19 and the implementation of new margin policies of SEBI, the stock market industry has been facing a lot of heat from the trading community. To provide a breather to our... (More)